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Lie to your pals with Tall Tales’ location spoofing

It can be pretty boring knowing where everyone is all the time – thanks to the likes of Twitter, FourSquare and Facebook. What’s even more boring is revealing the places that you go, confirming to everyone who cares to check that you oscillate solely between work, home and Sainsburys. Shameful.

Spice things up a bit with a spot of truth-bending – ok, ok, it’s straight up lying. Using Tall Tales iPad app, you can fool your social networks into thinking you’re tweeting from the Taj Mahal or Facebooking from France when in fact you’re at home in your pyjamas eating a giant Toblerone.

You can fool any site that uses the W3C geolocation API. If that’s double-dutch to you then all you need to know is that Facebook and Twitter both use it. You simply choose your location on an in-app map then open the browser view (also in-app) and browse to your chosen site.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to enable location in your Twitter account settings in order to fool them, and when using Facebook you’ll have to browse to for location-enabled updates.

If you’re into deceiving your nearest and dearest but are iPad-less, then you’ll be pleased to hear that iPhone and iPod Touch versions of Tall Tales are on their way.


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