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Light Racer 3D: Power up your lightcycle

Remember Tron? You might have heard that there’s a sequel coming out sometime soon and if you’ve got an Android phone, you might want to check this game out.

Light Racer 3D is pretty much the famous ‘lightcycle’ game played by the film’s characters. Featuring some basic 3D graphics, Light Racer 3D’s premise is simple.

You ride a futuristic motorbike around a grid arena that emits a trail of light behind it. The object of the game is to cut up the opposition by having them crash into your bike’s vapour trail. It’s perhaps best thought of as multiplayer Snake, but with bikes and lasers.

You can play against the computer in Light Racer 3D or, if you’ve got a couple of friends with the app, you can play against them in live multiplayer matches over Wi-Fi. We’ve been putting away some hours at practice and would be up for taking someone on. Any takers?

There’s also a time trial mode, endless mode and a custom level editor. The simplicity of the graphics means that it can run along at a fair old pace (think F-Zero X on the N64) but the 2D explosions look a bit naff.

Light Racer 3D is available in both lite and full flavours. The free version gives you the first ten levels and limits you to the easiest difficulty. The full version ($2.49/£1.70) gives you full access to the level editor and the Wi-Fi multiplayer mode.


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