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Apple iPhone 5 30-pin to Lightning adapters start shipping

Apple have finally made their 30-pin to Lightning adapter available to marry up the company’s old and new mobile tech with reports that orders placed by Australian customers seem to be the first in transit.

The Lightning connector found on the underside of the new iPhone 5 was greeted by a mixed reception at launch. On the one hand, the significantly smaller footprint, more durable design and its reversible nature, meant that it was better suited to the needs of the latest handset. However, as this was the first departure from the 30-pin connector which Apple had used on every previous iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, existing users likely had a wealth of accessories designed with the old dock design in mind that would carry across all that elegantly.

Apple 30-pin to Lightening adapter with iPhone 5

There is talk of a wireless alternative to improve the connection method between iPhone 5 and older Apple accessories, but for now the 30-pin to Lightning adapter is the only official means of connecting one device type to the other.

It was MacRumours who confirmed that Australian customers are reporting dispatch of their adapters already, with Apple having offered two options, priced at £25 and £30 respectively. The direct adapter (pictured above) and a 20cm long version are available although even with the compatibility fix these products are designed to offer, Apple’s website still states that, “some 30-pin accessories are not supported.”

Let us know if you ordered either of these adapters and if they’ve been dispatched, or if not are you willing to wait and see if Apple produce an alternative solution for bringing the old more inline with the new.


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