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Little Black Book iPhone 4 case has hipster credentials

Like the diary, walkman and camera, the little black book has been rendered all but obsolete thanks to the mobile phone. We like the idea of having a bit of analogue back in our digital lives though, so this notebook iPhone case speaks to us on more than just a hipster level.

With a hand-crafted wooden frame, black leather binding and Moleskine-esque elastic strap, you can nestle your iPhone safely into the book and chuck it into your bag without worrying about damaging it.

There are models available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS; they’ll set you back £26 ($39.99 introductory price) plus a rather hefty £20 shipping fee to the UK (!). There’s also a bookish iPad case available from the same company.

[Pad&Quill via Gizmodo]


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