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Logcat Live Wallpaper turns your Android phone’s activity log into a work of art

Logcat is an ingenious live wallpaper for Android phones (2.1 and above). It takes the activity log of your phone and artfully renders it as a customisable live wallpaper. I know, cool right?

Glowing text scrolls up the screen as your Android phone goes about its mutlitasking business. You’ll spot commands like “kScreen: unlock animation” appearing when you unlock the screen and if you’re like us it’ll bring tears of geeky joy to your eyes.

In the settings you can change the size, font and colour of the text. The Commodore 64 font rubs shoulders with other retrotastic fonts such as Arcade Classic and Retro Sci Fi Terminal. There’s a number of preset colours (including one called ‘C64 Blue’) as well as the ability to create your own custom palettes.

For the full retro experience you can also choose to add distortion effects such as screen interference, where a horizontal line scrolls down the screen and ‘old phosphor’ image fading, where a line of text ghosts for no reason.

Logcat Live Wallpaper costs €0.50 from the Android Market which at the time of writing works out at £0.43. There’s a free version as well which just comes with the basic font in green. But for less than 50p there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t shell out for the full version.


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