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Logitech Harmony Link: turn your iPad into a universal remote

If you sit on the sofa browsing the internet on your iPad every evening why not use it to control your television watching too? Logitech has created a device enabling you to do just that.

Harmony Link turns your tablet or mobile phone into a remote control for your television and home entertainment gadgets. This rather stylish (in our opinion) oval shaped device, which sits under your television. It connects to your home network over WiFi, where it then communicates with your iPad via the Harmony Link app.

Harmony Link can be taught to replicate the functions of other remote controls, learning codes via infrared transmission (much like Logitech’s other universal remotes) and controlling up to eight devices. The supplied IR mini-blaster accessory can even control devices behind cupboard doors.

As well as enabling you to control multiple devices, the app enables you to access TV guide information from Rovi.

What’s really cool is the way you can personalise the app. The more you use it, the more familiar it becomes with your choices, it can help find your favourite programs and displays them first in the guide, followed by channels you watch most frequently.

Harmony Link can connect to multiple iPads, so different family members can store their own channel choices. iPad users can even turn on their television and tune it to the correct channel with a single tap of the ‘Watch Now’ button.

Harmony Link app also works with Android and iOS smartphones, although there’s no access to personal program guides – for now.. 

Logitech Harmony Link will launch in October in the US for $99, but there’s no news yet on whether it will come to the UK. We hope it does – we’re really keen to try Logitech Harmony Link, it seems similar to the Griffin Beacon, which uses Bluetooth to connect instead of WiFi.

We’ll keep you updated with more news when we get it.

Via: Slashgear