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Lookout Mobile Security Premium arrives on Android

The Premium version of Lookout, our favourite Android security app, has finally arrived, bringing a range of new settings to the mobile security table.

Chief among these is a new Privacy Advisor, which gives you an at-a-glance list of which of your apps can track your location, read identity info and access text and picture messages.

This is useful if don’t want apps sharing information to third parties, or you just want to see what else your apps are doing when you’re not using them.

Another new feature is one that allows you to back up all of your contact data, call history and photos and transfer it to a new phone. Android sort of does this already thanks to syncing contacts to your Google Account, but it’s handy to have a service that’ll transfer your pictures too.

Naturally, all the other Lookout features – phone finder, back up and virus scan – come included as standard.

You can download the basic Lookout package for free from the Android Market by following the link below from your phone. Existing users of Lookout should have already received an email offering a free 30-day trial of Lookout Premium, after which you’ll need to upgrade to carry on using it.

Subscriptions to Lookout Premium cost $2.99 per month or $29.99 for a year, which works out at about £1.90 and £20 a month based on current exchange rates. To pay for subscriptions you’ll need a credit card to hand and so you may have to pay a currency conversion fee depending on the terms and conditions of your card provider.


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