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Lookout Premium coming to Android later this year

If you’ve got Lookout Security installed on your Android phone, then you may or may not be aware that a new Premium version of the thief-taking file-saving phone-locating app will be winging its way to the Android Market in the near future.

Lookout Premium promises to offer everything that the currently free version does and more. There’s been no word on what these new features will be or how much the Premium version of the app is going to cost.

The good news is that the existing version of Lookout for Android will continue to be free for users who already have it installed. If you’ve not yet installed Lookout (why not?!) then you haven’t got long to do so before it becomes non-free. Hit up the download link below from your Android phone.

Our guess is that the premium version might come with a Google Latitude-style function which allows you to see where other Lookout-enabled phones are. This would be useful if a friend loses a phone as you’d be able to help out with the search and resuce party.

This is just our guesswork though. The final product could turn out to be something totally different.

More details plus a full app write up of Lookout Premium as at when they become available.



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