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LookTel: Smartphone software to help the blind

Not every visually impaired person is lucky enough to run into Amélie Poulain on the streets for an audio tour of the every-day sights. Lucky for them, LookTel has developed some pretty impressive software with a similar function.

Using the camera on a handset, the LookTel software can identify objects through advanced “artificial vision” and then describe them audibly – in the video below you’ll see it read out the contents of a food cupboard and read aloud from a magazine, for example. It also links you to a human assistant who can describe your surroundings via a video feed when you’re out and about (although we suspect this feature is US-only at the moment).

You have to invest a bit of time setting it up, but once it knows what’s what the software appears to be incredibly accurate. It opens up a world of possibility and a whole new level of freedom for the blind.

LookTel is currently taking orders for its Beta phase – the software only works with Windows Mobile phones at the moment, and requires a touchscreen and camera as well.


[Source: Gizmodo]