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Love bots? You’ll really love LoveBots for iPhone and iPad then

App of the day – no question – is LoveBots. It’s the work of Kit Robot and WhiteWall Studios, proudly boasts that it’s made in Japan, and claims to be “the new way of building Digital Robots for a Digital Age”.

Which means what exactly? LoveBots offers you a bunch of model robot kits – virtual of course – with which you can create more than 1.3 million different combinations of robots on your iPhone or iPad.

That means robo heads, mouths, eyes, antennas, bodies, chest-plates, arms, legs, hips – robots have hips? – and other accessories and backgrounds.

The developers are pitching it as partly an app for entertaining children (and men, obviously), and partly as a social networking tool for creating avatars for Twitter and Facebook. You can upload to both of those from within the app itself, which is a nice touch.

What’s more, you can upload your bot creations to the LoveBots site, with 200 of them to be included in an upcoming book and app update. Many apps promise hours of fun, but few deliver. This looks like it will.


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