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Love Scalextric? You might love HTR HD High Tech Racing for iPad…

Millions of people are nostalgic for their childhood Scalextric sessions, although somewhat fewer men (and it IS usually men) are nostalgic enough to act on that by setting their track up again as an adult. Well, not until they have kids who they can pretend they’re doing it for, anyway.

The somewhat unwieldily-titled HDR HD High Tech Racing isn’t an official Scalextric game, but it might as well be: it’s a 3D slot car racing game offering 18 tracks, and all the loops, jumps, crossroads and tight curves you could wish for. Plus three camera modes, including in-car. You never got that as a nipper.

Released for iPad – there’s an existing iPhone version – the game looks set to come into its own with its Track Editor feature, which lets you create your own tortuous courses. There’s also some depth, with items to unlock including cars, engines, tyres and chassis parts.

There are also online high-score tables to test your mettle against other players. This being slot car racing, the controls are idiot-proof too: one finger controls acceleration and, er, that’s it.


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