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LOVEFiLM App lands on the Android Market.

LOVEFiLM? Love Android? Good news: Today, the little green robot finally gets an official LOVEFiLM app of its own. Hoorah.

Being Europe’s largest subscription service and with iOS and Symbian apps available for a while, Android LOVEFiLM members may have been feeling a little left out. No more. Now Android too has an official app to manage rental lists, browse movies and view trailers quickly and easily directly from their phone.

Having had a quick thumb through the app, our first impressions are great. It’s very comparable to the iOS version which is no bad thing, offering simple film browsing and smooth trailer play back. If you haven’t got an account, you can do everything other than order films and manage titles and if you’re looking to sign up, packages start from £5.99.

Hopefully, in the future we’ll be able to stream entire films as with the iPad app. As it stands though, LOVEFiLM is a strong addition to the Market and a must for any Android toting LOVEFiLM fan.