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Low-cost, smaller iPhone coming soon?

iPhone 4s could see themselves, chopped up, reformed and repackaged into a smaller, lighter, and most importantly perhaps, cheaper form. Welcome to The Return of the iPhone Nano Rumours.

“According to people who have been briefed on the plans”, who were speaking to Bloomberg, the prototype of the rumoured phone would be, according to someone who saw a prototype, “a third smaller than the current iPhone” with no physical home button visible.

Recently, Google have massively increased their share of the smartphone market, thanks to a broad range of phones across prices and according to Bloomberg’s leak, Apple is considering offering their smaller iPhone for a pocket-friendly £120, without even the need for a two-year contract. Pretty tempting.

Apple look like they’re aiming to compete with the cheaper Android devices that are creating an ever-growing fanbase below the high prices of top-of-the-range Android phones and the iPhone.

Bloomberg thinks this is Apple’s attempt to make in-roads into the exploding Indian and Chinese smartphone spheres.

According to two of their moles, Apple are also working on Universal SIM technology- which would bid farewell to the physical SIM-card, but give simple access to the plethora of different phone networks around the world.

With no SIM requirements, and thus less power wielded by phone networks, this could spell the end of termination fees for cancelling out of your contract early.

But Apple tried this before, and that didn’t go as planned, so it’ll be interesting to see how Apple are planning to succeed this time.

Source: Bloomberg, via: Engadget


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