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MagiTact: Magical magnetic touchscreen control

If you’re sick of touching your touchscreen phone, then Deutsche Telekom may have come up with something you’re going to find pretty interesting. The German company has developed MagiTact, an app that lets you control your compass-toting touchscreen by magic.

Well, not actual magic. More like magnets. The phone’s compass uses the app to track changes in the magnetic field around the handset, so you could control it with just a swoosh of the hand – provided you’re wearing a magnetic ring, or holding some kind of brilliant magnetic wand. It’s not clear how much you’d be able to control in this way, but it’s to include silencing a call with a gesture at the very least.

There have been rumblings about gesture-based phone control for some time now, and while there are some handsets like the Sony Ericsson Yari that use physical gesturing as a game control, there isn’t anything much more sophisticated on the market yet. But it looks like Deutsche Telekom has brought us one step closer. We’re all for developments in the direction of sorcery – phones are great and all, but we’d swap them for actual magic any day.

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