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Make a virtual fortune from your app knowledge in Angel’s Choice

We got quite excited about Angel’s Choice when it was released on the App Store last night, but our ardour has dimmed somewhat as we’ve played the game today.

Its big idea is to turn iPhone and iPad app discovery into an investment game. You’re given a stash of cash and a job at a virtual VC firm, tasked with investing your precious dollars into interesting apps – all drawn from the real App Store.

The idea: invest in hot apps early, then reap the rewards when the herd follow your intuition. Along the way, you level up through gaining EXP points, rising through the ranks and acquiring more clout for your deals.

It sounds great – a way to gamify the process of hunting down cool new apps, while also tying in your social graph (Facebook and Twitter are both integrated).

However, it feels not quite ready for lift-off. The game crashes regularly on our iPhone 4, and when applying filters to search the App Store (e.g. for new Education apps) the results seem to still jumble in apps from other categories.

The app doesn’t seem to update your notices about mission rewards and friends’ investments in real-time – we’ve ended up forcing a quit (using the iOS multi-tasking menu) and reopening to see what’s new in our feed.

The ingredients are there for something addictive though, if the developers can iron out these gremlins and continue adding new features. It might end up as a niche product that only appeals to Silicon Valley types and journalists, but even if that’s the case, the resulting recommendations could be a primer for what’s hot on the App Store.


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