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Make your own Angry Birds: Papercraft

There’s plenty of Angry Birds makes (even cakes) out in the internet. Plush toys, eye-masks and the rest. But we don’t have that crafty gene.

Thankfully, Little Plastic Man has us covered, and has made some Angry Bird (and Pig) templates even we can handle. You’ll find the whole team, and the piggy nemesis are hear for your own paper-based war re-enactments.

So we grabbed some white A4 card, some glue and a pair of scissors, and tried to work some magic.

Print out the designs, and cut out each shape. We found it’s then best to score the fold lines, for crisp birdy edges. A stronger adhesive than the Pritt Stick we used is also advised.

Our favourite has to be the egg-dropping white bird; it’s the expression on its (her?) face. The yellow ‘dash’ bird came out well too.

Sometimes Monday’s are too depressing even for us, so we drafted in some chocolate props to make the day go faster. Utterly necessary. Can we get them egg-pensed?

Classic Red. The foundation of any fowl force.

“Don’t take your eyes off the eggs, not even for a second.” Never beaten, Black and Blue.


Guilty. Nom. Nom. Nom.


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