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Malcolm Tucker Missing Phone app lands in App Store

Not only has The Thick of It’s foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker left confidential files on a train (The DoSAC Files) he’s gone and lost his iPhone too. And you’ve found it. That’s the premise of Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone app that’s just arrived in the App Store.

The app sits on your iPhone’s homescreen and gives you access to confidential things like his text messages, emails and voicemails. There’s also a slew of Word documents advising government ministers on PR issues like how to handle TV appearances. Perhaps one that Ben Swain from the Christmas special should have read.

When you first open the app there’ll be a new voicemail from Malcolm that, if played, will set in motion a series of messages from the man himself and other characters from the series as they try to locate ‘Malcolm’s’ phone.

These messages arrive throughout the day, even when the app isn’t running. If you don’t like the idea of Malcolm Tucker leaving you increasingly irate voicemails, then just don’t listen to the first message. You have been warned.

Perhaps it goes without saying but strong language is used throughout; this app isn’t for the easily offended. In the interests of keeping Recombu family friendly, we took the liberty of censoring the above image with some judiciously placed black bars.

Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone is available to download from the App Store now and costs £3.99.


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