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Man accused of murder asked Siri where to hide the body

A man on trial for murder is having his iPhone used as evidence against him, after he asked Siri how to hide the body. But some of the phone’s other features may also help to convict him…

We regularly ponder how often Siri really gets used by iPhone users, as the only time we’ve seen her utilised ‘in the wild’ is when kids have sworn at her to see how many rude words she knows. But Florida resident Pedro Bravo, currently accused of murdering his friend in September 2012, found an all-new use for Apple’s digital assistant: corpse disposal.

Man accused of murder could be convicted by his iPhone thanks to Siri apps and GPS

Bravo is standing trial for the kidnap and murder of Christian Aguilar, after Aguilar began dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend. After strangling his friend, Bravo apparently told Siri “I need to hide my roommate”. Unfortunately for him, Siri made a note of that little request and now the prosecutors in his trial are using the log as a piece of evidence.

Back in the day, if you asked Siri how to dispose of a body, she’d respond with a kooky answer, asking if you’d prefer a swamp, reservoir, metal foundry or dump. However, when we tried to ellicit the same response from her just now, she was a little more cagey. Perhaps Apple has rewritten her circuitry to combat future murderers from taking advantage.

Man accused of murder could be convicted by his iPhone thanks to Siri apps and GPS

Bravo isn’t just being done over by Siri, however. The wily prosecutors are also using his phone’s GPS records to prove that his testimony is bogus, and even the phone’s flashlight app has been used as evidence. Apparently the hapless Floridian turned the app on nine times between 11.31pm and 12.01am, on the night he was allegdly disposing of Aguilar’s corpse in the woods.

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