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Man uses Snapchat to create a video résumé for a job at Snapchat

What does your CV look like? This guy decided to ditch the paper altogether and send in his résumé via Snapchat to Snapchat.

I don’t know about you but my secondary school set some pretty clear guidelines on making a concise CV, like trying to fit it onto a single piece of A4 paper. After hearing that Snapchat was hiring however, a man by the name of Elski (aka ‘Eli’) Felson decided to use the company’s own app to market himself for the position at their home base in Los Angeles, California.

Using Snapchat’s Stories feature, Eli addressed the various aspects of the job posting he was gunning for (he didn’t outright say which post this application related to, but there are currently a few posts on their website based at the company’s Venice, CA headquarters).

For the majority of the time, Eli’s story is a tongue-in-cheek play on the requirements of the job posting as we see him demonstrate his multitasking prowess (cycling, using a phone and spinning a basketball on his finger simultaneously), team awareness (keeping tabs on a chaotic basketball game on Venice Beach) and good judgement (guessing the correct weight of a food item in a grocery store).

He does finish the video with a heartfelt pitch speaking directly to the Snapchat team however, citing his recent move from Pittsburgh to Santa Monica (unsurprisingly he’s a Steelers fan going by his t-shirt), his recent acceptance into MENSA, his forthcoming MBA completion and his outright love for the app itself.

On the whole it casts Eli in a positive and more interesting light than any piece of paper ever would and with a little bit of luck, Snapchats HR team might feel the same. Eli finishes his story by stating that he might start a vlog on YouTube, which if you’re interested to find out what happens next, but be the best place to see whether or not he got the job. That or add ‘Elski’ on Snapchat.

What’s the most innovate résumé you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below.


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