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Man wraps iPad in chocolate, becomes best husband ever

Stefan Magdalinski
is the best husband ever. Knowing that his wife is an “Apple nut”, Stefan decided to surprise her with a rather special birthday gift – a chocolate covered iPad.

From Stefan’s blog: “Anyone who knows my wife, @kerrching, knows that she’s a Apple nut. Also, with a June birthday, she has conveniently positioned herself perfectly for the Apple release cycle. An iPad was inevitable for her birthday, but I knew that if I just delivered a wrapped box, there wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Where’s the fun in that? So I rang my friends James and Paul, who happens to run the finest chocolate shop in London, and said “Could you freeze an iPad in chocolate carbonite, and have it survive?”. They weren’t sure, but were willing to give it a go. Additionally, iPads aren’t available yet in South Africa, so it had to smuggled over from London, without Kay finding out what was going on.”

[Source: Ahead Robot via Tim Bradshaw]


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