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Manchester City launch iPhone app to train kids

Wait, what? Manchester City train kids? Don’t they just buy in experienced pros? Hold your cynicism: apparently 31 graduates from City’s Academy have made it into the first team in the last 12 years, so it’s actually a hotbed of young (mainly) English talent.

Now there’s an app for that. Manchester City has launched MCFC-Cityecademy for iPhone – a free app that offers training aids and advice for young players and grizzled coaches. More than 50 coaching videos are included, although they stream in on-demand – they’re not preloaded.

The exercises in it can be set up for one, two or four players, as well as larger groups. So while City-supporting youngsters will doubtless lap up the advice from their favourite stars’ mentors, it could also be useful for any parents pretending they’re the new Roberto Mancini while overseeing their child’s team.

Alas, there’s no section for ‘Tackling like Nigel de Jong’, but it’s surely only a matter of time…


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