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Manchester gets augmented reality monster hunt with Layar

Mobile augmented reality technology is cool, sure, but what is it for? Making virtual zombies appear around Manchester, judging by the latest project to use AR browser Layar.

It’s called the Manchester Monster Hunt, and is taking place over the next couple of weeks. Simply fire up the Layar app on your iPhone or Android handset, and look for the telltale signs of, well, monsters.

Get close enough to them, and not only will they look photogenic through your phone’s camera, but you’ll be able to ‘slay’ them and win prizes.

Those include tickets to the Manchester IMAX cinema, as well as VIP nights out. It runs until 7 November, and new monsters are being released into the wild every week, to keep the game fun.

Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves have all had their turn – this week it’s Ghosts, with Demons and Witches to come. Here’s a video to show you how it all works:


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