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MapleXO x Grove iPhone 4 cases are made from recycled skateboards

This iPhone 4 case has been beautifully crafted from recycled skateboard decks. The latest from MapleXO, a Portland-based company that makes accessories and jewellery from recycled skateboards, the cases are the result of a collaboration with grove, which creates artisan iPhone cases. Each of the 50 limited edition cases will be different dependent on whatever recycled decks have been used.

If this teaser shot is anything to go by, they’ll be gorgeously different as well as being eco-friendly. Plus, a great conversation starter at parties – or is it just me that enjoys discussing iPhone cases with strangers?

The cases haven’t received an official release date, but if you’re keen you’ll want to sign up for updates so you don’t miss out – after all, there are only 50 up for grabs. No doubt they’ll also be a little on the pricey side too. [via Hypebeast]


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