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Marvel Comics augmented reality app

Marvel will be releasing an augmented reality app for both Android and iOS that will supplement the comic book reading experience with something altogether more techy. The application was unveiled at SXSW in Phoenix Arizona over the weekend and has been well received thus far adding value to the comic book experience at what appears to be no additional cost.

Iron Man featured in the Apple iPhone version of the Marvel Augmented Reality AppThis is all part of a digitally kick-start by Marvel as they enter 2012, dubbed a ReEvolution, it also includes plans to make a digital version of a comic included with a purchase of the physical copy as well as comics made specifically for tablets and phones.

Thus far, interaction has been through the Comixology powered application – static comic pages reworked for screen. With new development of comics accommodating tablet screens and UIs during creation, we could be seeing some incredible interactive elements and immersive comics coming soon.

As for the AR element within each comic, pages trigger the Android or iOS application to generate specific content. This could be a 3D Iron Man powering up (as photograph above from Mashable illustrates), commentary by creators on art-work or story or even the page through various stages of the drawing and inking process.

The first comic to ship supporting this technology will be the Avengers vs. X-Men and the app will be available in the US on April 2nd. For a comprehensive run-down of how the app looks on the iPad, just head over to Cnet Asia.


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