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Match Me Sexy tests your lady-silhouette memory

Some iPhone games are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some thrust their greatness upon you with wonderfully bonkers app descriptions. Match Me Sexy falls into the latter category for sure.

“Who does not like adult, sensuous, sensual, feminine poses?” asks its App Store description. Go on…

“Please mind, this is not a porn app!”

Phew. Steve Jobs certainly wouldn’t be happy if it was…

“This fun cum learn game will especially appeal to men on the move, who want to play discretely or with friends… Players just need to press girl pictures in provocative poses that appear on iPhone/iPod touch screen and match the identical images, while remembering the position of each picture in the mind.”

Well, we do need something to break up the Flick Kick Football sessions. If only there was a twist on the standard memory-matching action…

“WAIT!! There is a SURPRISE in store! As you successfully remove the matching pairs, a picture of a sex position along with its explanation will slowly emerge in the background… Keep on pressing the play again button to learn new sex position each time you play. Fun-loving adult friends, married couples, marriageable bachelors, amorous lovers (and not to forget lovelorn people) will love this game!”

Well, you certainly don’t get that in Doodle Jump *makes lovelorn face*



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