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Mathstronaut makes maths look amazingly fun

There’s a certain type of child who can be convinced that things are fun by references to exciting words like ASTRONAUT and dazzling animations. I was that kind of child.

Had iPhones and apps existed during my childhood, I would therefore have massively benefitted from Mathstronaut, a gorgeous, entertaining learning app from Millipede Creative Development. The short WarioWare-esque minigames and animations will fool youngsters into thinking they’re having fun instead of puzzling over mental arithmetic.

Intended for Aussie school kids (they get all the luck), not only is it full of high-speed maths-related entertainment, it will also link in with an online assessment tool allowing teachers to track progress and identify problem areas.

But it looks like so much fun and it’s so beautifully animated, even I’ll be downloading Mathstronaut when it’s released into the App Store on August 27th.


Mathstronaut from Millipede Creative Development on Vimeo.


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