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McDonalds launches Ovi app, but will Nokia users be lovin’ it?

Want to find your nearest McDonald’s restaurant in the UK? Simple: walk to the nearest high street. But what if your town has thrown its lot in with Burger King, KFC or Wimpy? Ah, there’s an app for that.

It’s called McDonald’s Finder UK, and it launched this week on Nokia’s Ovi Store. It ties into the Ovi Maps application, so you can identify your nearest McDonald’s outlets, then get directions straight to them. You can even get their phone numbers, if you’re the kind of person who calls ahead to make sure they’ve got Filet-O-Fish in the oven.

(Do they cook Filet-O-Fish in an oven?)

The app is free, and follows an earlier launch of a similar application for iPhone called McDonald’s Restaurant Finder. We’d like to see McDonald’s also tying in with other location apps like Foursquare and MyTown though, to give you free chips when you check-in.


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