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MeCanto launches iPhone app for cloud music

There’s a big buzz at the moment around ‘cloud music’ – the idea of storing your digital music collection on your own PC or remote servers, then accessing it from any device you like – PCs, laptops, tablets, TVs and mobile phones. A bunch of companies are already doing it, with Google and Apple rumoured to be planning their own cloud services.

Here’s one you can try now: MeCanto. The company has just launched its official iPhone app, which costs £1.79, and promises to let you “Take your music collection with you, wherever you go, with virtually no storage limit”. We’ll come back to that ‘virtually’ in a moment.

MeCanto works by getting you to register online, then install its PC application on your home computer. You can then stream your music collection to the iPhone app, over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The App Store listing implies that this means your PC has to be turned on, connected to the internet and running the MeCanto client for the iPhone app to work – although strangely, the FAQ on MeCanto’s site says you CAN still listen to your music if your home PC is turned off.

Assuming that isn’t a barrier, you can connect up to five computers to the app. And that storage limit? The same FAQ says that “There is currently no defined storage limit. Our goal is to enable users to store their entire music collection online and imposing some limit on storage will defeat that purpose.” But they might have something to say if you slap 120GB of tunes up, we sense.



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