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Medisana ThermoDock hands-on

Amidst all the augmented reality games and music production peripherals stood Medisana, a company with a wholly different focus on mobile apps and accessories. The company’s latest VitaDock range hopes to better bridge the gap between mobile technology and medical care.

We took at look at one of the products in the series, the ThermoDock, but Medisana currently offer a range of four products within the VitaDock series. The ThermoDock is an infrared thermometer which connects to any iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone via the proprietary 30-pin dock connector. When working with Medisana’s iOS app, the ThermoDock shows the user their temperature and then allows them to manipulate the information in a variety of ways.

As you can see, the application allows for note taking, including extra information like mood and general well being levels which you can store or share to a number of services. The same app also interfaces with the other VitaDock products including the CardioDock with takes the user’s blood pressure, the GlucoDock which, in conjunction with the refillable strips, helps diabetes suffers monitor their blood glucose levels and the Target Scale, a Bluetooth enabled scale that can help the user improve their dietary and exercise habits for better personal health.

The company already have these products on store shelves in places such as the Apple Store and registered Apple resellers but are about to launch in chains including Boots pharmacies throughout the UK. Going forward, Medisana will also be launching a cloud service, allowing cloud storage of medical data which could also be supplied to medical specialists at the request of the user, a service they hope to roll out in the coming months.


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