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Megaphone for iPhone looks like a Swiss Alphorn: Fondue cheese and cuckoo clock not included

When we’ve not had an iPhone dock that requires some form of power to hand, we’ve invariably reached for teacups, pint glasses or ceramic flower pots to act as acoustic amplifiers for the teeny tiny external speaker.

We’ve often wondered why anyone hasn’t invented a powerless dock that works on the same principles, until we clapped eyes on this behemoth.

The Megaphone is made of ceramic and is the product of es&is, a Milan-based design studio. Described as a “Passive iPhone Amplifier,” the Megaphone is compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touches. We’d wager that any other phone with a speaker set in the base of the phone ought to work in the Megaphone as well.

Available in white, black and gold, the Megaphone is available to order now. The white and black versions cost €399 (£342) and the gold edition costs €599 (£514).

Source: en&is via The Register