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Meme Maker for Android: Spam friends Facebook pages with hordes of Advice Dogs

Find Advice Dog funny? Want a way to amuse, annoy and spam your friends straight from your Android phone? Then you can has Meme Maker.

This free app allows you to create your own Advice Dog, Courage Wolf and Philosoraptor images (and other variants thereof) on your phone and send them to your friends via Facebook, email or MMS. This is pretty much a mobile version of sites like memegenerator. But for those occasions when you’re out and you think of a totally hilarious Advice Dog (like the one we’ve made above), reach for Meme Maker.

Though Meme Maker is free, you can support developers Onymous Heroes by purchasing their Chandroid /b/rowser – a customised browser that’s optimised for browsing image boards of sites liek 4chan, 7chan and more.

If the idea of being able to have 4chan’s /b/ board in your pocket scares you (hint: it should) but you’re feeling charitable, by all means download the /b/rowser. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. You don’t have to use it, and, as the rules of the internet state, you can’t unsee something once you’ve seen it.


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