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Memorize Pattern2 turns the Android unlock grid into a puzzle game

The unlock pattern is one of the most iconic things about Android; it might not be as secure as a 4-digit PIN code but you can’t deny that it looks better. Developer Rio Park has taken the humble unlock pattern and turned it into a music-based Simon Says-type game.

The game starts off by showing you a pattern on the familiar grid which you have to recreate. Each time you connect a dot it plays a note – you can choose the instrument from a selection including piano, guitar and bass. We went for the ocarina for added Zelda kudos.

It starts off fairly simple when the patterns are simple lines of three or four dots but it soon picks up pace, throwing increasingly complicated combinations of dots and lines at you. There are several game modes to choose from, some of which need to be unlocked. Reverse mode, for example, is essentially the same but you have to follow the pattern in the reverse order.

Though it’s a straightforward game the graphics are fairly simple and really could do with being updated.

Memorize  Pattern2 is not a sequel, despite the name; it’s actually a multi-lingual version of the original (free) Memorize Pattern game. The original Korean-only version is free, whereas the multi-lingual one costs $0.99/£0.65 from the Android Market. And you thought your Korean skills would never come in handy.


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