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Metro launches Fantasy Football app for iPad and iPhone

UK free newspaper Metro is running a Fantasy Football competition this season, and has just launched an easier way to keep tabs on your virtual team: an iOS application.

Fantasy Football from Metro lets you sub players in and out, handle transfers, and change your formation at will. It also pulls down any mini-leagues that you’ve set up with friends, and lets you message them with joyful abuse sensitive words of consolation when their star striker gets ‘de Jonged’ and faces a six-month layoff.

The app updates scores in real-time when matches are being played too, which is great for fantasy football addicts, who otherwise have to simultaneously bite their nails while working out point tallies on a bit of paper.

110,000 people are currently playing Metro’s game, so the iPhone app should have a decent audience. We only wish we’d known it was in the works at the start of this season: we’d have played from the start!


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