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Metronome watch for musicians hits IndieGoGo

The Soundbrenner Pulse aims to help musicians keep the beat, with built-in metronome functionality.

Currently in the crowd-funding stage, the Soundbrenner Pulse wearable is the brainchild of a collective of musicians and technologists based in Berlin. Their solution for keeping time when rocking out is a silent metronome which delivers the required tempo through clear vibrations, like those you’d receive from a music teacher tapping you on the shoulder.

The team behind the Soundbrenner Pulse claim it can be worn on the wrist, arm or leg, and the device’s vibrations, which have a clear start and end point, are reportedly six times stronger than that of your average smartphone. So you’ll have no excuse for your shash sense of rhythm with one of these bad boys strapped to your person.

The watch will come with a companion app, allowing you to sync the vibrations via MIDI with Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live.

But the Soundbrenner Pulse shouldn’t just be confined to the studio, however, as it’s pretty neat looking, with a slender, minimalist design. There’s an RGB LED for notifications, but it’s unclear what other smart features the device has to offer, beyond helping you become a better bongo player.

While it may seem like a bit of niche project, worth the attention of a select few serious musicians, the Pulse could help people besides those into music. Metronomes have been used in golf training, helping players to time their swing, while marathon runners have also reported success using the devices to help time footfalls. So a wearable metronome, which won’t interfere with the music coming through your headphones, might be a good addition to any seasoned runner’s kit.

The Soundbrenner Pulse’s developers set a goal of $75,000 (£50,000) for their IndieGoGo project and have raised almost $50K already, with nine days remaining for them to get their mitts on the extra $25,000.

You can head over there and support the project with a donation. Alternatively you just can pre-order the Pulse for £99 and save £50 over the full RRP.


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