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Microsoft makes it easy for Android and iOS devs to create Windows apps

Microsoft has just revealed that Android and iOS developers will easily be able to adapt their apps to work on Windows 10 at its massive Build 2015 conference.

Developers can now easily convert their Android and iOS apps so they run on Windows smartphones and tablets – meaning the Windows Store will hopefully expand its selection rapidly in the next couple of years.

For too long, we’ve seen apps and games emerge on Apple and Android devices only, with no love for Windows Phone handsets and Windows tablets. However, Microsoft may have finally solved that problem with Windows 10, which allows every developer to quickly port their existing App Store and Google Play apps to Microsoft’s OS.

The likes of Candy Crush Saga has already been ported in such a fashion, and now there’s very little reason for other developers not to produce a Windows version of their creations.

Microsoft also announced that the likes of Photoshop Elements and Netflix will appear on Windows 10 when it hits the public domian later in 2015.


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