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WSJ: Microsoft was close to purchasing Nokia

It’s no secret that Microsoft and Nokia have close ties, with the duo trying their best to propel Windows Phone marketshare as far as possible. Would Microsoft ever consider buying Nokia, though? That may have been on the cards until very recently. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two companies were recently in negotiations, but that the advanced talks broke down.

The publication says that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Nokia for the right price, but allegedly backed off after the Finnish company put forward its asking price. There’s also the strength of the company to take into consideration. While Nokia is putting out some of the best Windows Phones, it’s struggling to go toe-to-toe with Samsung and Apple.

Microsoft acquiring Nokia has been rumoured in the past as well. It would make sense for Microsoft to pick up the Finnish manufacturer, as it would gain some valuable hardware and software talent in the process. Then again, the company could simply be playing the waiting game until Nokia is willing to move on its sale price. The WSJ even indicates that the companies were close to an oral agreement, so it’s not as if the two are opposed to an acquisition.

Still, Microsoft doesn’t have all the time in the world. Windows Phone is gaining global smartphone market share, but at an extremely slow pace. Recent IDC numbers indicate that as of the first quarter of this year, Windows Phone holds 3.2% of the market, up from 2% on the same period last year. That pales in comparison, though, to Android and iOS, which currently hold 75% and 17.3% respectively.


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