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Bye bye Nokia, bye bye Windows Phone

Microsoft will finally kill off the Nokia name, as well as the Windows Phone brand, by the end of the year according to leaked documents.

We’ve already known for a little while that Microsoft planned to ditch the Nokia brand for good, not long after buying the Finnish giant, but a leaked internal document confirms that the Lumia 730/735 and Lumia 830 will be the last to rock the Nokia name. In the future, all handsets will simply be branded ‘Lumia’.

Microsoft to kill off the Nokia and Windows Phone brands in 2014

More surprisingly, Microsoft is shelving the Windows Phone name at the same time. Instead, both the desktop and mobile versions of Microsoft’s OS will be known as simpy Windows. That pretty much confirms that Microsoft won’t be straying from the touchy theme of Windows 8 any time soon, which is pretty awful news for desktop PC users.

We’d print a quote from our Editor-in-chief who recently had to use Windows 8 for a full day, but there might be kids reading.

It’s a sad day for Nokia fans who grew up with the brand. Pretty much anyone born in the 80s or earlier had a Nokia handset as their first ever smartphone, killing endless hours on the original snake and spending even longer typing out tiny text messages on the numeric keypads. R.I.P. good friend.



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