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Microsoft explains Windows Phone 7 update problems.

Microsoft has explained much of the update problems that took place earlier this week with  Samsung Omnia 7 handsets.

About ten percent of those who upgraded found they had problems, many of whom for fairly simple reasons. “Nearly half” of those who struggled simply did so out of a lack of hard drive space or a decent enough internet connection.

A PC connection is required to do the update and the software takes a backup of your phones content, without enough space to do this many of the updates were going wrong. Similarly a consistent internet connection was necessary, again causing update problems if one wasn’t present.

Those who found themselves with Omnia 7 difficulties for different reasons are in a small minority and Microsoft are rapidly working to fix things.

Currently the update is switched off, but things should return once the teething problems with the first WP7 update are fixed.

“Given what we’ve learned so far, the best way to prepare for your update is to make sure your computer has an Internet connection and plenty of disk space before you begin. Why? Because before updating your phone, the Zune software and Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac attempt to back up your phone data as a precaution.”

Via: Windows Phone Blog


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