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Microsoft launches OneNote Mobile for Android, watch your back Google Docs

We love Google Docs on our Android phones and tablets but can’t help but admire the way in which Microsoft has integrated OneNote into the Windows Phone OS. We also appreciate that not all of our colleagues and friends are wise to the ways of Google Docs, preferring to use OneNote on their PCs.

So we’re pleased to learn that Microsoft has rolled out its OneNote Mobile app for Android phones, meaning note taking and sharing between PCs, iPhones, iPads and (natch) Windows Phone phones is now possible, through one app.

The app itself looks great. Notes are colour coordinated and visually rich and we love that you can capture photos with the camera from within the app, directly pulling your picture into the note you’re working on.

Other notable features include text formatting, support for tables and a built-in spell checker.

You’ll need to sign in with a Windows Live ID to use OneNote Mobile, but this gives you access to your SkyDrive as well. That’s an extra 25GB worth of cloud storage on our Android phones to go along with our DropBox, Evernote and all the rest.

OneNote Mobile for Android is fairly big, 18MB-odd. This could be a problem on phones with small amounts of memory – you can’t move it to the SD card either.

The only other gripe we have is that there’s a built in limit of 500 notes. I know right? Yes, the app is free to download from the Market, but once you hit that ceiling you’ll need to cough up $4.99 (roughly £3.14) to get unlimited access.

OneNote Mobile for Android can be downloaded from the Android Market now on phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher.


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