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Microsoft NoDo/Cut and Paste update: Coming within the next ten days, T-Mobile still ‘testing’

Microsoft has released information detailing roughly whenabouts we can expect to see the fabled ‘NoDo’ update (aka the Cut and Paste update) arriving on Windows Phone 7 phones.

Those with a Win Pho 7 device on O2, Vodafone, Three and Orange can expect to see the update arriving within the next ten days “or less”.

However it looks as though T-Mobile customers will have to wait a bit longer; according to Microsoft’s table, Deutsche Telecom is still in the ‘testing’ phase.

There are three stages to the rollout process for Win Pho 7 updates, the testing stage being the first.

After the operator has finished testing, Microsoft then schedules the update for release; this process takes 10 days or less. After that, Microsoft then pushes the update out.

So in short, those with unlocked phones and those on the aforementioned networks can expect to see the latest Windows Phone 7 update arrive by next Saturday the 2nd of April at the latest. T-Mobile customers will have to wait until the testing phase has finished.

We’ve contacted T-Mobile asking for an ETA on this and are still waiting to hear back.


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