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Microsoft adds splash of colour with first Nokia ad

Microsoft has unleashed its first smartphone ad, bigging up how the Nokia Lumia mobile family stands out from the crowd.

Nokia has now fallen under Microsoft’s wing, after last year’s much-publicised buy-out, and Microsoft hasn’t wasted any time in getting its first smartphone advert out to the masses. The ad bigs up how Lumia phones are ‘not like everybody else’ with a bit of classic rock action and some striking visuals, with full-colour Nokia users standing out against a monochrome environment.

The ad comes just as Nokia announced its Q1 2014 report, revealing net sales worth 2.7 billion Euros, down 15% compared to Q1 2013. It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft nurtures the Lumia brand, but we’re expecting to see lots more smartphones in the coming months, starting with the great-value Lumia 630 and 635, and of course the colourful new flagship Lumia 930.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop admitted that the Nokia brand could be history in ten years, when Microsoft’s right to use the label runs out. However, he also admitted that lots could happen in that time, and we’d be surprised if such a globally renowned brand really did simply vanish.

What do you think of the new ad, and will it do enough to sway black-and-white iOS/Android users to the Windows Phone platform? Let us know in the comments below.


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