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Microsoft Photosynth creates free panorama shots- but only on your iPhone

Photosynth is the latest panorama app to arrive on the iPhone, with some extra sharing options via its own site– and Facebook, naturally.

Bafflingly, the app has been developed by Microsoft, is free, and isn’t even available on their own Windows Phone app store. (There’s even a Windows Phone 7 hint to the app’s design.)

Photosynth stitches together several photos to create a panoramic view;  the app makers are calling them ‘full-sphere panoramas’ but you’ll also be able to see the results from the iPhone’s camera roll, where you can scroll around the touchscreen for the full 360-degree view.

Panoramas can also be tagged on Microsoft’s Bing Maps- yes they have a map service- where your pictures will appear in their search results for that location.

We like Photosynth’s clever augmented-reality camera view, meaning you can see where you’ve taken your photos previously, and makes sure you don’t miss any ‘parts’ of your panorama.

It takes a while to ‘develop’ your panorama, but this will depend on how many pictures you’ve used.

The results are good, especially if you manage to maintain relatively uniform lighting. We’re going to meddle with the app a bit more, and we’ll be uploading our results a bit later.


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