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Microsoft SkyDrive app: iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox, SkyDrive is a free utility that offers users 25GB of free storage, and if it was good before, it just got much better with a mobile app for Windows Phone 7.5 and iPhone. The Windows Phone app will be available in the next few days and the iPhone app is available right now in 32 languages worldwide.

Acting as a beautified file explorer, the SkyDrive app will bring huge amount of functionality for Windows Live account holders. With an attractive user interface and a simple to navigate menu system, both the iPhone and Windows Phone apps display content incredibly well, thumbnailing pictures and displaying documents by an illustration of their file type.

Users are now also able to see all file types in their SkyDrive app, making even unrecognised content downloadable. Additional usability features include improved sharing of files or folders with variable permission settings for shared content.

Below you can see some thumbnails of the app in action, with the top row being iOS and Windows Phone 7.5 below:

Source: Microsoft Press Office