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Microsoft reportedly working on aluminium Surface watch prototypes

Every electronics company under the sun has been rumoured to be working on a smartwatch at this point, but Microsoft is apparently already working with prototypes. The Verge hears from sources that the same team that works on the Surface line of tablets is also working on a smartwatch, with Microsoft testing some unusual materials.

Above: The Pebble

The publication reports that Microsoft has previously requested components for 1.5-inch displays, with earlier prototypes also apparently using a similar magnetic charging connector to the Surface tablets. In addition, The Verge has confirmed that Microsoft intends to focus on multiple watch band colours, saying that the company intends to offer replaceable bands in red, yellow, blue, white, and black.

AmongTech believes, meanwhile, that the company is testing a different type of aluminium for the supposed Surface watch. The site says that prototypes of the device use oxynitride aluminum, said to be far stronger than glass while also bearing translucent properties. Prototypes are otherwise said to include a modified version of Windows 8, along with 6GB of storage and cellular connectivity.

It’s not entirely clear how Microsoft will integrate such a watch into its current line of products, or even what the purpose of a such a watch would be, but the company isn’t the first to experiment with a wearable device. Previous reports have suggested that companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google are all working on smartwatches. All of those companies are probably looking for the next big thing due to recent smartphone saturation, and the wearables market is as good a place as any to experiment given the early interest in devices like Google Glass and the Pebble smartwatch,


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