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Microsoft throws a global party for its fans to launch Windows 10

If you spent any time on the internet yesterday you may have noticed the sizeable fanfare that rung out to signal the launch of Windows 10. Ninja Cat is here.

Unlike previous launches, Microsoft switched up the formula for Windows 10, with separated launch events at locations across the globe in place of a single broadcast announcement. By comparison, the launch of Windows 8 doesn’t even compare.

As a way to give back to the fans, Microsoft drew from its Insider program to source many of the 800 attendees at yesterday’s London launch and in fact each of the global events taking place in other major locations too. Windows Insiders have been testing and reporting on the bugs and quirks of each pre-release build of Windows 10, helping Microsoft streamline and improve the experience as much as possible ahead of yesterday’s launch. The highest ranked members were invited along to celebrate the launch with Microsoft in person.

The event, which took place in Old Billingsgate, showcased the Windows 10 ecosystem and a number of its key capabilities, including Cortana and Continuum. Companies such as Intel, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, and Acer demoed some of the latest machines in their portfolios running on the new operating system and specialists such as Overclockers, Barracuda and PC Specialists even brought custom machines to the event.

Event-goers could try to take on the LGB eSports female CS:GO team for a chance to nab a prize, but their 1337 skills (#sorrynotsorry) ensured every challenger was dispatched before they even had time to pull the trigger. Intel created an immersive racing simulator with the help of Forza and an Irish improvisational comedian rapped about Windows 10, space and the red power ranger. Things got a little crazy.

Windows 10 launch event - London

If you hate being lumbered with the awkward duality of Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 is unquestionably going to be a suitable remedy. Windows Insiders will be the first to receive the update to the new operating system and it’s availability will spread from there. Provided you’re running a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 machine presently, you can upgrade for free anytime within the next year, after which the upgrade will cost you.

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