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Microsoft’s hoping to sneak Windows 10 on Android user’s phones

Microsoft’s Windows 10 release date announcement also gave us a nugget of mobile goodness too. Hidden amongst the chatter – the company revealed that it’s developed a ROM allowing Android users the ability to install Windows 10 on their phones or tablets.

Microsoft stated during its Windows 10 announcement (which revealed a summer release date worldwide) that it was testing the operating system with so-called power users of Xiaomi’s Mi4 Android phone. The reason is apparently Xiaomi’s extensive feedback system, which provides a glut of information about its weekly software rollouts.

Microsoft has reportedly given the guinea pigs a ROM which lets them install a full version of the OS on their device. It’s completely overwrites the default Android ROM, so that users can delve into its features and provide the company’s software developers with some solid feedback.

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 will be made available to more devices in the future, and the fact that it hopes users may choose Windows over Google’s own ubiquitous offering shows faith in its baby. Apparently full availability will be announced in the months to come.

Microsoft has previously expressed a great interest in using Android hardware for its Windows platform. In fact, the company took things a step further when it struck a deal with Indian manufacturer Karbonn, to offer dual-booting smartphones which can run both Android and Windows Phone 7/8.

The decision to offer users a choice of OS, either entirely or via dual-booting, could be one which reaps big rewards for Microsoft as it looks to expand the reach of Windows 10. It’s already expanding some of its other software solutions such as Office and Nokia’s Here maps to rival operating systems like iOS, and many of them are available for free, owing to the company’s change in philosophy.


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