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Microsoft’s dual-screen phone concept: patent filed, unlikley to ever be made

Hold your horses; it doesn’t look like Microsoft is actually working on a dual-screen phone or tablet a la the Kyocera Echo or Sony’s S2. But these images from a patent application, unearthed by Techie Buzz, are worth a quick gander.

Rather than being a twin-screened device that’s permanently conjoined, you’d be able to slide the phone apart and eject the smaller screen, allowing the smaller one to act as a remote control for functions such as watching video/playing games on a bigger screen and video calls.

It’s similar to the phone in a concept video uploaded by WMPowerUser, where an extra-from-the-Matrix-type makes a video call on a twin-screened phone. Like a lot of concept work we’ve seen like this ace three-sided Android phone (aka the Tobler-phone), it’s unlikely to ever see the light of day.

But we’re sold on the idea of a dual touchscreen set up where a secondary screen could shift depending on what you’re doing at any one time. It could be a virtual Qwerty for when you’re in email/Facebook/IM mode, a gaming control pad for when you’re, um, gaming or the right hand page of a book, making the eBook experience feel more like the real thing.


Via: Phone Arena


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