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Microsoft’s Mango videos show off Windows Phone 7.5 features in action

The HTC Titan and HTC Radar went all official yesterday evening and our initial thoughts of the first HTC Mango phones we’ve seen are overwhelmingly positive. But if you want to get a better idea of how Mango will look and work, take a look at these new Windows Phone 7.5 preview videos, recently uploaded to YouTube by Microsoft.

Mango will come built in to phones like the Titan and Radar out of the box, but will also be available as a free upgrade to all other existing Windows Phone 7 devices. So if you picked up an HD7 or a Samsung Omnia 7 last year you’ll be able to get all of these features too.

The videos demo the new improved Search on Mango, which incorporates voice searches, picture and QR code scanning as well as Shazam-style music search.

SkyDrive, giving you the ability to create Office docs and effectively work from your phone is demoed here.

Along with multitasking, the voice-to-text feature and a general ‘Welcome to Windows Phone 7’ video. There’s plenty more to see on the windowsphone YouTube channel, so hit subscribe if you’ve not done so already.


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