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Microsoft’s Surface Mini might launch this summer

Rumours surrounding Microsoft’s Surface Mini have resurfaced, with reports suggesting the fabled Mini will be marketed as a note-taking device.

Microsoft’s Surface Mini is back on the scene with new rumours surrounding its release plans and hardware. Chief among these rumours is specuation the Surface Mini will be released in summer 2014 with a focus on note-taking, rather than serious productivity tasks. 

As the name implies, the Surface Mini is likely to end up being a smaller version of Microsoft’s Surface tablets. Whereas its big brother can be used for just about any computing task, anyone using the Mini is likely to struggle with more demanding applications such as word processing or image editing. As a result, Microsoft is reportedly positioning the Surface Mini as a note-taking device.

This will mean the Surface Mini will be geared around OneNote, feature tweaks to apps or software and support for a digital pen. The pen in particular should help the Surface Mini stand out in the market amongst rival mini devices such as the Asus VivoTab Note 8, the Apple iPad Mini and the Toshiba Encore

Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of the Surface Mini, let alone its release date. However it would make sense for the company to release such a product this summer in time for students going back to school. Failing that, Microsoft could cash in on the lucrative holiday periods towards the end of 2014.

When we hear of a price and official launch date, we’ll let you know. For now, why not leave us a comment below sharing your thoughts on the Surface Mini?



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