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Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace passes 70k app milestone

Its no secret that the Windows Phone Marketplace is playing catch-up with the likes of Apple’s App Store and Google Android’s Google Play, but it has just reached an impressive 70,000 app downloads. As reports Slash Gear. That’s an additional 10,000 since January and 20,000 since December, which highlights the stores increasing popularity.

Windows Phone Marketplace screenshot

Each day the Windows Phone Marketplace is enjoying around 300 new apps from developers, of which it has 100,000 registered developers for the platform. So that means quite a few developers have not yet added an app to the store.

Thankfully for Microsoft, makers of the hugely successful Angry Birds games, Rovio, have reversed their decision to leave out the app store in its development of the newly released Angry Birds Space. Although Rovio did comment that it is very difficult to make apps for the platform, saying that they need to pretty much “rewrite the application”. This is something that Microsoft may consider working on in the future.


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